Saturday, 25 February 2017

Year 1, week 28, day 3, February 24

I started reading Proust's In Search of Lost Time last night. Fina's homeschooling dad is reading through the whole thing, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

We read some free reads over breakfast. (Fina was up at 6:30. This is is going to be a long day!)

I read Genesis 1:20-25 and Fina narrated it.
She did 15 C and D of her math.

We worked on her recitations. She is now ready for her parts in our co-op passage.

We finished reading "St Catherine of Siena" from In God's Garden. We stopped frequently and Fina gave excellent narrations!

We spent a few minutes learning our next nursery Spanish nursery rhyme, "Cinco Lobitos."

Fina worked on her copywork.  I stepped away from her for one minute and she decides to write in half-size. Not very useful, as it led to misformed letters, but whatever!

We read the next chapter, "The Woodpecker's Nest" from Eyes and No Eyes. Fina narrated it. It is very cute.

I read poem #123 "The Canary" from The Oxford Book of Children's Verse.

We sang our hymn and folksong.
Fina read 6 pages aloud from Frog and Toad, "The Garden."

We listened to Palestrina's O Magnum Mysterium again as our second composer study of that piece. Fina told me a bit about what she heard.

She spent some time crocheting. She also tried to invent a new crochet stitch. A chain but with yarn over twice. It didn't work, but how fun!

Fina spent a few minutes doing some MEP math. We did p 7 #4+5, all of page 8 and #1-2 of page 9.

We got some outside time in the afternoon with some of our friends. It is nice and sunny but the temperature has dropped considerably.

Also, the two dear CM mom-bloggers at Learning How to Live have a giveaway for Riverbend Press's Book of Centuries. I'd love to win one!  They are so lovely!!!

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